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A1.   (TS) Satay Beef or Chicken ( 10 skewers)                               $25.00

         Malaysian style beefs or chickens on skewers, grilled to                      perfection, served with peanut sauce.



A2.   Roti Canai ( 5 pancakes)                                                        $32.00

         Malaysian Indian pancake served with chicken & potato curry          as the dipping sauce.


A3.   Fried tofu ( 20 pieces )                                                            $25.00

         Golden brown cripsy tofu served with peanut sweet & sour              sauce.


A4.   (TS) Thai Spring Roll (10 rolls)                                              $25.00

         Cripsy vegetarian rolls served with homemade sweet & sour            sauce.


A5.   Fresh Basil Roll (10 rolls)                                                        $28.00

         Shrimps, porks, bean sprouds, basil leaves & rice noodles                  wrapped in rice pancakes. Served with peanut plum sauce.


A6.   Samosa Curry Roll (20 pieces)                                              $25.00

         Cripsy rice paper skin stuffed with green peas, carrots and                potatoes cooked with curry powder. Served with tasty                        Malaysian curry dipping sauce.


A7.   Shrimp net roll (20 pieces)                                                    $30.00

         Small shrimp rolls in crispy net noodle served with sweet-chili          dipping sauce. 





B1.   Squid Salad ( Yam Pla Muk)                                       S $55/ L $100

         Poached tender squids with onions, lime juice, ground chilis,            served on romaine lettuces.


B2.   TP Thai Salad                                                               S $40/ L $80

         Fresh made salad with romaine lettuce,tomato, cucumber,                tofu, bean sprouts, eggs & Thai peanut dressing on the side.


B3.   Glass Noodle Salad                                                  S $70/ L $135

         Steamed glass noodles & shrimps seasoned with rred onions,          lime juice, chilis & minced porks.


Choice of meat: Chicken, Pork, or Tofu and Vegetables. Shrimp or Beef for additional $10. (Additional charge on the Masaman Curry)


D1. Panang Curry                                                           S $100 / L $190

       Cooked with bell peppers, basil leaves with red chili paste and

       coconut milk.


D2. Green Curry                                                            S $100 /  L $190

        Thai egg plant, zucchini, bamboo shoot, green beans, bell 

         peppers, and basil leaves with green chili paste and coconut



D3. Masaman Curry                                                      S $110 / L $200

        Cooked with avocados, onions and topped with cashew nut.

        Contains peanut in sauce.


Choice of meat: Chicken, Pork, or Tofu and Vegetables. Shrimp or Beef for additional $10.

E1. Pad Thai Noodle w/ Shrimp                                 S $100 / L $200

       Traditional Thai rice noodle cooked with shrimps, eggs, bean

        sprouts, scallions & tofu, topped with ground peanuts.


E2. Spicy Flat Noodle w/ Shrimp & Broccoli           S $100 / L $200

       Stir-fried flat noodle with shrimps, broccoli & basil leaves in

       spicy basil sauce.


E3. Pad See U                                                                     S $85 / L $160

       Stir-fried flat noodle with eggs, broccoli and thin soy sauce.


E4. Penang Char Kway Teow                                       S $100 / L $190

       Malaysian famous stir-fried noodle w/ shrimps, squids, bean

       sprouts, eggs, soy sauce and chilis.


E5. Spicy Fried Rice                                                          S $80 / L $160

       Stir-fried rice with peas, carrots, onions, basil leaves, limes,

       cucumbers, tomatoes & eggs.


E6. Fried Rice                                                                     S $80 / L $160

       Stir-fried rice with peas, carrots, onions, limes, cucumbers,

       tomatoes & eggs.


E7. Veggie Tofu Fried Rice                                              S $80 / L $160

       Stir-fried rice with mixed vegetables, eggs, limes, cucumbers,

       tomatoes and tofu.

All traditional entrees will be served with steamed jasmine rice. Brown rice is available on request at additional charge. Choice of meat: Chicken, Pork, or Tofu and Vegetables. Shrimp or Beef for additional $10.


C1.   Warm Chicken Salad                                                S $85/ L $160

         Grilled and marinated chicken breast on a bed of romaine                lettuces, served with peanut dressing on the side. 


C2.   Fresh Ginger                                                              S $85 / $160

         Fresh gingers, onions, carrots, fungus & mushrooms with light

         ginger sauce.


C3.   Spicy Basil Leaf                                                        S $85 / L $160

         Sautéed with basil leaves, onion, bell pepper in basil sauce.


C4.   Cashew Nut                                                               S $85 / L $160

         Sautéed with bell peppers, onions, carrots & topped with

         cashew nuts.


C5.   Spicy Catfish                                                           S $100 / L $200

         Catfish fillet deep fried to crispy, cooked in red curry with basil

         leaves, green beans, bell peppers & Thai eggplants.


C6.   Spicy Veggie                                                              S $85 / L $160

         Sautéed with mixed vegetables & basil leaves in Thai chili                  sauce.


C7.   Daging Nyonya (Chicken or Pork)                       S $90 / L $180

         It’s everybody’s favorite! Deep fried marinated pork loin or

         chicken breast, served with pineapples, tomatoes and sweet            & sour sauce.


C8.   Beef/Chicken Rendang                                        S $110 / L $220

         Beef tenderloin/chicken tender slow-cooked with a paste of

         ground onions, chilis, and lemon grass. Simmered in a rich

         coconut curry. Additional charge for Shrimp option.


C9.   Spicy Veggie & Tofu                                                 S $85 / L $160

         Sautéed mixed vegetables, basils & tofu in Thai chili sauce.


C10. Broccoli & Mushroom                                            S $85 /  L $160

         Sautéed broccoli and black mushrooms in a light brown



C11. Buah Mango Tofu                                                  S $100 / L $190

         Deep fried tofu sauteed with shredded mango and red bell

         peppers in a spicy sweet and sour mango




S     Small Platter (Half Sheet Tray) Serves 6~8 People

L     Large Platter (Full Sheet Tray) Serves 15~20 People

(TS)  Recommanded

F1. Sticky Rice with Mango                                                          $6.50


F2. Mini Fruit Tart                                                                           $2.50


F3. Blueberry Cheese Tart                                                            $2.80


F4. Coconut Tart                                                                              $2.80


F5. Creme Brulee                                                                             $4.50


F6. Tiramisu                                                                                      $6.50




Please give us a minimum of 24 hours in advance for all drop-off catering orders for which we require a 20% deposit toward the order total. For event catering, we ask for a minimum of 72 hours advance notice and require a 50% deposit toward the order total. We will try to our best to accommodate all orders given adequate notice. We can also accommodate special orders if needed. Please

contact us with questions or more information.



Order made less than 24 hours in advance are subject to a 50% charge based on time of cancellation and size of order.



We will provide serving utensils for all catering orders. Plates, napkins, and utensils are also available per your request.



Delivery is available for all orders with a minimum order of $100 given 24 hours notice. We currently employ a 7-mile delivery radius from our Toco Hills location on North Druid Hills. All deliveries will be charged a flat rate of $10 per delivery order with a mandatory 15% gratuity charge. Daily delivery hours are 11am-9pm.



All event catering is subject to an order minimum of $500 and will be charged a $100 service fee. Service fee includes set up and retrieval of service equipments. Please contact us for more details.



Please contact Jo or Michael either at 404.728.0588 or email us at topspicecater@gmail.com to place an order or inquire more information.

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